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COURT DANCING - Learn Social Dancing with a Smile
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Social dancing for all. Together dancing is fun, this can be the Ballroom and Latin American dances or more modern dances including Modern Jive and Salsa.

Whatever the dance or reason, dancing is the antidote to sitting at home wondering what to do. Come and meet others whilst learning to dance. Doctors say that learning a new skill helps keep the brain active and physiotherapists say exercise is good for the body. We supply both exercise for the body and facial muscles with a smile or two along the way.  

Learn and Dance in the same evening

All our classes are structured to have a social session afterwards enabling everyone to practice what they have learnt before they have a chance to forget too much.

The short journey home has been known to eradicate the entire memory banks.

Putting the class into immediate practice enables more retention and makes the learning experience less stressful.


Colman Redland Centre

Croydon Road, Reigate,



West Horsley

West Horsley Village Hall 

The Street , West Horsley

KT24 6DD  

For those who cannot find a class time to suit we do have individual tuition on a Saturday at Reigate. One teacher addressing YOUR specific requirements. By previous appointment only, please contact by phone, Facebook or Contact Us

Reigate Classes

Complete  Beginners

The next beginners class will start on a Tuesday in May at 8:45. It's for anyone who has never done any Ballroom Dancing. We'll get you started with a Fun, Friendly and informal approach to the rudiments and unlimited excitement of partner dancing!    No need to book - just turn up, date TBC.

Ballroom and Latin American - Mainstream Classes

If you have had previous dance experience, it may be possible for you to join a more advanced group. So that we can gauge which level would suit you best please either ;

     1) Attend one of our Social Dances at 8:45 on Tuesday or Friday

     2) Email using Contact Us or

     3) Phone for a chat   Tel: 01737 245889.

All classes - Admission £7

All are welcome - on your own or with another 

More Info

Our origins & ethos

“Get Dancing”

Have a go at Ballroom Dancing

between now and the end of March

For those 19 to 39 years old; a new Sunday evening Ballroom and Latin dance sessions at Reigate started on Sunday 6th January, you can join anytime.

7:30 - 9:30, Admission £5

You are welcome with or without a dance partner

No previous experience required or expected.

Lessons begin from the beginning, if you know nothing you will be able to crack on with the basics of one/two dances on the first night.

We’ll stick with well known favourites to start with such as Waltz, Cha Cha Cha, Quickstep, Rumba, Tango and Modern Jive.

Throughout all of the teaching sessions, we’ll operate a “rotation” system, whereby everyone moves on frequently from one partner to another. .