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Class Information - Reigate

We run Ballroom and Latin instruction groups catering for a wide range of ability commencing from complete beginners, through intermediate and up to advanced standards. A partner rotation system is operated throughout.

Please note, these groups are not run on a "Drop in" basis - a regular commitment is expected.   We understand that this is a pastime - people have lives to lead and 100% attendance is not expected! However, the progress and continuity of any class becomes disrupted if some members only show up now and again.   Should you miss too many classes, there is the option of an "catch up" individual lesson on a Saturday to get you back on track.  


Admission £7, including the Social Dance afterwards.

Complete Beginners

New Courses start 3 times a year in January , May and September. They run from 8.45 on a Tuesday or Friday evening and include practice in the Social Dance session until 10.30. See the Home  page for next starting date.  For example one year the May one will be on a Tuesday, the September one on a Friday and the following January’s on a Tuesday and that May it will be a Friday.

Improvers and above - classes all run from 7:45 – 8:45 every Tuesday and Friday. Classes generally run for a 12 month period, they are scheduled to commence and finish on certain dates and are revised at 6 monthly intervals. If you are not a beginner but are new to the dance school and think you’d like to join a class we need you to attend one of our social dances first in order for us to gauge your ability and place you in the most suitable group.

Individual Tuition – A way of accelerating your progress is to book an individual lesson with one of our teachers. Lessons mainly take place on Saturday between 12:00 and 17:00 but other slots may be available. The cost is £30 per nominal hour. Gift Vouchers for these lessons are available.

Medal Tests – The school is IDTA registered. We run Open Examination sessions on the second Sunday in March and September. Classes are scheduled around these sessions and everyone is given the opportunity to take a test if they choose to do so, providing their dancing is at the level required. However, the tests are not compulsory and omitting them does not preclude anyone from advancing, providing the necessary standard is achieved at each stage.