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COURT DANCING - Learn Social Dancing with a Smile
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Social Dances

Social Evenings, after classes

Featuring Ballroom, Latin and Jive are held at the Colman Redland Centre on Tuesday and Friday throughout the year from 8:50 – 10:30.

Anybody can come at any time and if your dancing knowledge is limited, help is at hand to get you moving with the basic steps. We operate a partner circulation system which speeds up the learning process, keeps the atmosphere lively and allows those who come on their own to be integrated.

Please try not to refuse an offer to dance as this is discouraging to the person who asks and detracts from the “feel good” atmosphere. We play a wide selection of music – vocal, instrumental, traditional and modern. Snowballs and “mixing” dances are part of the evening’s programme. Admission £3 but no charge if you’ve attended a class beforehand.


Saturday Night Hops – Simply The Best Dancing - 8:00 to 11:00

2nd Saturday of the month at the Colman Redland Centre, Reigate, £7

3rd Saturday of the month, Leatherhead Leisure centre £8.

See for more information.

Very similar to the Social evenings above although while the atmosphere is just as friendly and lively, responsibility for asking and changing partners is left more to the individual.